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We provide full service corporate administrative services. We help startup businesses in several important areas in their business including business setup, administrative work, and online marketing.

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Understand the differences between S corporations, C corporations, Series Limited Liability Companies, Trusts and Foundations.

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Choosing Acacia

Acacia Business Solutions is here to help you find a professional, cost effective means of meeting your Corporate administrative needs. Specializing in the administration and formation of

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Our Services

Organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. At Acacia we offer full outsource for small to mid-sized companies. Our staff is a valuable resource to assist you in a variety of services available.

With our Bookkeeping services will establish a bank account for your Corporation or LLC at an FDIC insured institution, maintain the records, pay bills, transact wires, send western union and make deposits as you instruct. You will receive monthly and annual reports along with reconciled statements. We are insured and bonded in amounts up to $100,000.00. Not only is your account private, it is safe and insured.

We are totally committed to a personalized approach in assisting our customers. We operate your back office for your small business accounting and bookkeeping service needs. We work with customized applications and web-based bookkeeping software such as Quick-books.

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Our Nevada Virtual Office package includes everything you need to do business remotely and virtually.

  • Local Nevada Phone Number. Your own Nevada 775 area code phone number lets you have the actual appearance of being located in Nevada.
  • Phone Presence 24- hours a day. Your Nevada Phone Number is answered 24 hours a day and all messages are forwarded to an email of your choice. Our phone system allows us to provide Nevada or any other state prefix
  • Local Nevada Fax Number. Faxes are received on your 775 area code fax number and sent to your email automatically by our server.
  • Nevada Street Address. Have the prestige of your own office based in Carson City, Nevada. Your virtual office package includes a Nevada street address with suite number to receive any U.S. Mail or UPS and FedEx packages on behalf of your company.
  • Friendly Secretarial Services. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and/or greet your customers if they need to visit the office.
  • Access to our Conference Room. Rooms are available to you for corporate meetings or meeting with a client.
  • Limited Mail Forwarding of Letters. We forward letters by first class mail to any U.S. address.
  • Forwarding of Packages and Large Items at Cost. Any packages we receive for your company are forwarded to you by FedEx Ground and you are billed our cost.
  • Free 411 Listing. Often overlooked, this step is essential is building business credit. Your business will be listed in the local Carson City, Nevada white pages with no additional charge to you. You can also "opt-out" of the 411 listing to avoid sales calls.
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Satisfy Your Requirement with our Registered Agent Services

State laws require all corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) to maintain a registered address with the Secretary of State in each state where they do business. The person or company located at that address, known as the Registered Agent, must remain available during all business hours. A Registered Agent receives and forwards important legal documents and state correspondence on behalf of the business.

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Why are Accurate Record Keeping so Important for Your Corporation or LLC?

What are the benefits? Whether your purpose in forming an artificial entity is for liability protection, estate planning or tax strategies, you must be able to prove that you, as a natural person, and theCorporation or LLC, as an artificial person, are not one and the same. Accurate records achieve this purpose.

By holding regular meetings and keeping accurate records (minutes, resolutions and other documents) you will be able to support your corporate actions and preserve your corporate integrity.

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Gary R.
Gary R.

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Alex C.

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Mike B.

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Acacia Business Solutions is here to provide you with information regarding legal concepts, asset protection strategies, and tools that is easy to understand and follow. Our company is proud to have helped our clients protect millions in liquid assets, ten times that amount in real estate, and hundreds of millions in investments. Learn more.